Yulia Brazauskayte

Yulia is a PhD student with a Product Design background. Yulia’s practice based PhD project explores inter-affective movement-based communication as an approach to mediated connectedness (an immediate, felt experience of feeling close to another person) over distance in dyads. Inspired by recent socio-cognitive theories (e.g. enactive intersubjectivity, synergistic approach), in this thesis communication is viewed as a dynamic coordination between two holistic living bodies, rather than two abstract minds transmitting information from sender to receiver. Through her research and practice Yulia wants to awaken the interest of the general public in the role of body movement in technological communication systems. She believes that current communication media oversimplifies human interaction thus diluting its intrinsic poetic complexity. Alternative views on technologically mediated communication that encourage affective sharing will allow implicit understanding between humans, humans and machines and potentially machines.