Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck

Petra Gemeinboeck’s installation practice explores the ambiguities and vulnerabilities in our relationships with machines, making tangible the desires and politics involved. Her experimental research program in the area of creative robotics focuses on machine agency, autonomy and performativity.

Currently, Petra collaborates with the AI researcher Rob Saunders, University of Sydney, to develop installations on an architectural scale that embed autonomous robots into the walls of the gallery. The practice explores novel entry points into performatively examining the co-evolution of humans and machines by turning the architectural fabric of our social spaces into habitats for curious, social machines.

Previously, Petra has developed performative and interactive installations and locative media works that implicated participants in the production of hybrid spaces, problematising the paradoxical ground common to both, intervention and surveillance. Her immersive virtual spaces challenged dominant notions of control, knowledge and representation by placing participants inside responsive and yet wilfully behaving performative realities.

In 2012, Petra was a finalist for the National New Media Award at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, with her robotic installation ‘Zwischenräume’. She has received project grants from the Australia Council for the Arts and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, ANAT and NAVA. She has been artist in residence at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz, Austria, Artspace Sydney, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris, Do While New Media Art Residency in Boston, Cité des Arts in Paris, and the Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart, and was a participant in the European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists, 2009–10.


Institution affiliation

College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales



Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference papers

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Conference Presentations and Workshop Papers

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Major Exhibitions

Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders R. (2013) Accomplice, solo-exhibition, curated by Mark Feary, Artspace Sydney, 02 May – 16 June 2013.

Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders R. (2012) “Zwischenräume” in National New Media Art Award 2012, group exhibition of 8 finalists, curated by Peter McKay and Amanda Slack-Smith, Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, 3 August–4 November 2012. Exhibition catalogue, Queensland Art Gallery, 2012, ISBN: 9781921503450.

Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders R. (2012) “Zwischenräume” in abstraction contraption, group exhibition, curated by Kirsty Boyle, The Edge, Brisbane, January–March 2012.

Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders R. (2011) Politik der Wand (Politics of the Wall), solo-exhibition, curated by Ursula Musil, FORUM STADTPARK, Graz, Austria, September 2011.

Gemeinboeck, P., Saunders R. (2011) “Urban Fiction 2.0” in Love Lace, group exhibition of finalists of the International Lace Award, curated by Lindy Ward, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, July 2011–April 2012. Exhibition catalogue, Powerhouse Publishing Sydney, ISBN: 9781863171540.

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