Anna Trofimova

Anna Trofimova is a PhD candidate with a background in Machine Learning working in the field of Human-Robot Interaction. In her cross-disciplinary research project she explores the ways non-verbal information, specifically vocal features, may be used to modify a robot’s behaviour to better fit user expectations. Anna’s research interests include Cognitive Robotics and Machine Perception with a special focus to their application in the field of Assistive Technologies and Social Robotics.

In 2015 Anna obtained a Specialist’s Degree in Information Technology at Moscow State University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. In each of the first four years of her study she was awarded a Governmental Scholarship for outstanding academic achievements. In 2013, the fourth year of the study program, she started a double degree in Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano. Her thesis work “Unsupervised methods for activities of daily living drift modeling and recognition” was developed at the Assistive Technology Group (ATG) of Politecnico di Milano.  After graduation in December 2015 Anna joined the ATG team as a research assistant and continued her research on quantifying Behavioral Changes. In December 2016 she joined Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory of University of Milan to work on the “MoveCare” project as a part of “Horizon 2020” program.

In 2017 Anna was awarded UNSW Scientia Scholarship to conduct PhD research in the area of Social Robotics.


Trofimova, A. A., Masciadri, A., Veronese, F., & Salice, F. (2017). Indoor Human Detection Based on Thermal Array Sensor Data and Adaptive Background Estimation. Journal of Computer and Communications, 5(04), 16.

Masciadri, A., Trofimova, A. A., Matteucci, M., & Salice, F. (2017). Human Behavior Drift Detection in a Smart Home Environment. Stud. Health Technol. Inform, 242, 199-203.

Veronese, F., Masciadri, A., Trofimova, A. A., Matteucci, M., & Salice, F. (2016). Realistic human behaviour simulation for quantitative ambient intelligence studies. Technology and Disability, 28(4), 159-177.

UNSW Art & Design
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Paddington Campus
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