Scientia Grant awarded to CRL Researchers

Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) researchers Scott Brown and Michael Gratton have been recently awarded a UNSW Scientia Education Investment Fund Grant for their project Interaction Interface for Creative Enquiry into Social RoboticsTo further this project, Orly Natan has joined the CRL to assist with the creation of bridging interfaces specifically designed to make programming robots more accessible for Art & Design students.

This project investigates how to reduce technical barriers in designing and testing robot behaviour to make embodied interaction design more approachable for students with limited technical experience. Aesthetic and behavioural design are essential aspects of social robotics, but there is a significant gap in the required skill set of students with non-engineering backgrounds. This project aims to overcome that issue, by developing new software tools for visual and high-level programming environments (MaxMSP and Processing) that can be used by students in the classroom and in self-directed settings with a number of standard robot platforms.