Kate Dunn exhibits in ‘A Working Model of the World’

Endless Summer. Photo by Deb Turnbull Tillman featuring Bella Dunstan

Kate Dunn is currently exhibiting two artworks in the UNSW Galleries Exhibition A Working Model of the World, co-curated by Lizzie Muller and Holly Williams. The artworks are Endless Summer – a 3D model that traces Sydney’s recent record-breaking heatwaves (pictured in the thumbnail image), and Sydney Heatwaves – a set of 3D models that depict Sydney’s recorded temperatures in 1910, 1960 and 2015 (below).

The exhibition runs from 5 May to 22 July 2017 at UNSW Galleries. More information on her exhibit can be found at the exhibition website

Sydney Heatwaves

Kate Dunn with Sydney Heatwaves, 2016. 3D printed scupture from recycled wood filament