PhD Students to Travel to HCII 2017

PhD students Jorge Forseck and Deb Turnbull Tillman have been awarded travel grants from the Graduate Research School and the Faculty of Art & Design to present a long paper titled “An Exploratory Case Study into Curatorial Intervention Within the Context of HCI” at the Human Computer Interaction International 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. The authorscollect and analyse data from an experimental curatorial intervention titled Denouement, produced by New Media Curation, and is co-authored with Director Mari Velonaki. The paper examines the application of HCI methodologies to curating interactive art.

More information on the paper and conference can be found on the HCII-2017 schedule

Image Credit: New Media Curation, featuring the mixed media artwork Flow-Blue Purple, 2017, by Rochelle Haley.