Catch the Tiger: Orderly tangles in the National Facility for HRI Research

Catch the Tiger is a large-scale interactive game that challenges you to trap and release a tiger.

Played in the visually striking, purpose-built Tiger Room, the game is inspired by a traditional Chinese puzzle, combined with geometry informed by George Hart’s mathematical study of orderly tangles.

Designed to test how we react to changes in our environment, and to our own fluctuating anxiety levels, this is a multi-sensory physical game that you will experience with four other players, after which you will be debriefed.

Hosted within the National Facility for Human-Robot Interaction Research, Catch the Tiger is designed by acclaimed architects Supermanoeuvre in collaboration with researchers from the UNSW Creative Robotics Lab, University of Sydney, Waseda University and the Black Dog Institute.

Total time required is approximately 40 minutes. As games will be recorded, players will need to understand and sign a consent form before proceeding. The game is intended to enable the research team to better understand the behaviour of players in groups and outcomes will be shared with participants.

This project is a festival commission and is comprised of the below collaborators.

Architects: Supermanoeuvre (Iain (Max) Maxwell, Oliver Bennett).

Game design/interaction: Creative Robotics Lab, UNSW (Mari Velonaki, Alex Davies, Michael Gratton; and Australian Centre for Field Robotics ACFR, University of Sydney (David Rye).

Sound: Alex Davies (CRL).

Experimental design/psychology: Waseda University (Katsumi Watanabe).

Mental Health design advisory: Katherine Boydell (Black Dog Institute), Jill Bennett (commissioner).

Hosted by the National Facility for Human Robot Interaction Research.

Text and image c/o The Big Anxiety Festival. Book your experience here.