The Creative Robotics Lab is an interdisciplinary research environment dedicated to Assistive Technologies, Creative Communities and Human Futures. Founded in 2011 by Associate Professor Mari Velonaki, the lab aims to provide a structured environment that facilitates the creation of experimental interfaces that promote interactivity in physical spaces.

The Creative Robotics Lab is established in partnership with the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) at the University of Sydney and the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of New South Wales.

The inhomogeneous nature of interdisciplinary research demands dedicated spaces that provide appropriate technological infrastructure and a nurturing intellectual environment that encourages experimentation and appreciates the value of unpredictable outcomes. CRL’s close links with ACFR and CSE bring to the lab diverse expertise in sensing, perception, artificial intelligence and real-time systems, together with a long track record of fully engaged collaboration between media arts and robotics.